Why hire a private jet?

Private jet hire can be for whatever reason you want it to be!

FlightCharter.com.au provides access to private jet flights to the general Australian public as a cost-effective alternative to commercial airlines. Private jet hire has never been more popular!

Jet charter is used for many different situations. Maybe you need to be somewhere quickly and to drive would take too long? Maybe it is a simple joy flight along the beach or over the mountains? Maybe you need corporate jet hire to fit in multiple meetings in one day?

We frequently have requests for business air chartersFIFO chartered flights, freight and equipment charters, medical private planes, scenic private flights, flying with pets, luxury private jets and more.

Whenever you need the speed and convenience of private aircraft charter – then hiring a private jet is a great idea and possibly cheaper than you think.

Reasons for private jet hire

air charter flexibility

Speed and Convenience

Even the smallest charter aircraft travel about 300km/h… and in a straight line. That is 3x faster than most motorways. A 6 hour road trip becomes a 2 hour jet charter – without the fatigue and stress of driving yourself. Share the cost amongst a few friends or colleagues and see just how affordable private jet hire can be.

reliable aircraft hire


Sydney to the Barossa in 4 hours? Can do. Sydney or Brisbane to Birdsville for the weekend? Yep. Adelaide to the Gold Coast? For the weekend? Why not?

comfortable jet hire


Are you a little on the tall side and need some extra leg room? Do you find commercial aircraft to be cramped, crowded and noisy? Private jet hire is for you!

When hiring a private aircraft, your needs while flying are the priority. Our Flight Managers can help you select the right private jet or aircraft for your individual needs – from in-flight meals to reclining chairs, flying privately has never been so enjoyable or achievable.

air charter timeliness


Maybe you need to be somewhere quickly? Can’t get away from work for that important function? Something crops up at the last minute? Need to go a long way but don’t have days to drive? Chartering a private jet can ensure you get to your destination quickly and safely. Travel on your schedule in comfort and style with a private jet.

fun charter flights


You don’t always need a sensible reason to charter a private jet. How about a private flight along our magnificent coastline or over the hills or mountains for a joy flight? It is surprisingly affordable and huge fun. Business and pleasure can indeed be combined with corporate jet hire!

air charter safety

No Highway Patrol

True. There are no speed limits in the sky. Yes, when travelling by private plane we do have rules to follow – but speed is not one of them!

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