Can you take pets on a private jet? Yes! Pet jets are a common aviation requirement and Flight Charter has arranged many private pet flights over the years. Dogs on private jets is a frequent request, however pet friendly private jet charter is available for many animals – dogs, cats, birds, reptiles.. we have even had a request to move monkeys! We are experts when it comes to charter flights with pets, having arranged many pet air charter over the years.

We understand that your pet is a part of the family, so you can be sure they will be well looked after for the entire process including boarding, during the private flight, disembarkation and the eventual reunion with you. Pet jets are the safest way to move your beloved pet. Commercial airlines move pets in the luggage hold, which are often too hot or cold, dark and noisy. This results in a stressful environment for pets, which is why many people prefer traveling with pet by private jet charter. There may also be the need for multiple stops with a commercial flight, extending the time your pet is separated from you. These problems are easily solved with pet friendly charter flights.

Pet friendly private jet charter ensures a temperature controlled luxury journey. In most cases, direct flights are arranged to minimise the time your pet spends in transit and minimise unnecessary stress. A key benefit to travelling by private plane is that the itinerary is tailored to you and your needs. This flexibility simply cannot be matched by commercial airlines. It is not necessary to be on the private plane with your pet, we can arrange for them to meet you at your destination or travel prior to your trip if required.

We love tailoring aviation solutions to move pets within Australia and internationally. Our charter flight experts have over 40 years of experience and have an excellent reputation within the aviation industry. But don’t just take our word for it! Here’s what our customers are saying about their experience with pet air charter…

“We flew our dog out from the UK to Australia where she spent ten days in quarantine in Melbourne. She was then due to fly on to Brisbane. Unfortunately after multiple flight cancellations due to Covid, it looked like our poor doggy may be stranded in Melbourne! Thankfully Flight Charter saved the day! In just a few hours (late on a Friday night), they were able to charter a flight for our dog from Brisbane to Melbourne, where she received first class service! Within 24 hours of contacting them, our dog was safely in Brisbane! I am especially grateful to Cian Voets of FlightCharter, who spent her Friday evening and Saturday morning organising this for us! Would wholly recommend using this company both for humans and canines alike!”

Elizabeth Goode

“During the COVID-19 pandemic – Dogtainers have had to find solutions to reunite families with their furbabies. Tasmania was a particularly hard problem to solve; as we have had so many pets to relocate both from and to Tasmania. This is where Flight Charter came to the rescue. Offering solutions that would enable Dogtainers transfer these Pets to their families. The whole process could not of been easier from the scope of work required, loading of the aircraft to the delivery of the service, all was very seamless. Our clients and their pets which ranged from Small exotic parrots through to 65kg Mastiffs all travelled amazingly well in temperature controlled luxury throughout.”

Jonathan Marshall

Do you need a pet friendly private jet charter? Whether it is for a best friend who is furry, feathery or scaly, we’ll get them on the right charter plane at the right time for the right price. Pet friendly charter flights may also be more affordable than you think! Get in touch today for a private jet quote.