Pet Flights

At Flight Charter, we are animal lovers. We regularly arrange pet flights and they are one of our favourite types of charter flight to arrange.

Flights for pets spark lots of questions. Can pets ride in the cabin with you? In what circumstance do the pets need a crate? How do I choose the correct sized crate when flying with pets?

Our private flight experts have put together the following handy guide for you. 

Firstly, it is possible for pets to travel with you in the main cabin for many charter flights. When you do need a crate for your pet flight, it is important to get the measurements in advance to get the right size crate so your pet can stand, turn around in while standing, sit upright and be able to lie down in a comfortable and natural position.

pet flights

The Length of your Pet (A)
Grab a tape measure and get your pet in a standing position. For measurement (A), run the tape measure from the tip of your pet’s nose to the tip of their rump in a straight line.  Do not include the tail in your measurement.

Total Height of Your Pet (B) & Length of Your Pets Front Legs (C)
Measure your pet from the bottom of their front paw to the top of their head (B) while they are standing. Please include your pet’s ears in this measurement as this will determine how much height they will need in the crate when standing upright. 

Next measure the length of one of your pet’s front legs from chest to the bottom of the paw. This helps determine how much room they will need length wise to lie down comfortably in the crate.

Width of your Pet (D)
Measure your pet’s width across the shoulders. This gives an indication of how much room your pet has available to turn around in while in the crate.

Weight of your Pet
You will need to know your pet’s weight as these crates have a maximum weight capacity.

With all 5 metrics noted, get in touch with us so we can work out what size crate you require.

* Can my pet be in the main cabin with me?
Yes they can, they do not need to go on the cargo section of the aircraft like commercial flights.

* Can any breed of dog travel on a charter flight?
Yes, any breed of dog can travel on a charter flight unlike commercial flights that do have restrictions on this.

* My pet is nervous, or anxious, is air charter the right solution for us?
Yes – chartering a flight for your pet is the least stressful experience for your pet, as we often depart from private charter terminals where no one else is around so it is very quiet, and there will only be you and your pet on board, so they can be right next to you on the flight to comfort them.

* Do I need an IATA approved crate for a charter flight?
You don’t for domestic travel however for international travel there are certain restrictions on this.

* Does my pet need to travel in a hard crate for a charter flight ?
You don’t for domestic travel. I often have had clients use soft crates to transport their pets, however for international travel this would not be accepted.

Need to get a quote to understand the cost of your next pet flight? Simply use our pet flight cost calculator and get a 24/7 instant estimate.