What is a Medical Charter Flight / Aero Medical?

Any non-emergency flight where a patient is carried is regarded as a medical charter flight. These are also known as aeromedical flights. There are many reasons to book a chartered flight for medical purposes (such as transporting a patient to an appointment) and using an aircraft provides a fast and stress-free method of travel.

Some planes are specialist medical aircraft with medical equipment on board and staff trained in their use. In other cases, it may be a normal aircraft with or without medical staff on board.

air charter flexibility

Speed and Convenience

With a chartered aircraft you do not have the same lengthy security and check in processes that you do with an airline. This saves many hours on the overall trip and helps to reduce tension and stress for the patient.

airline alternative

Aeromedical as an Alternative to Airlines

Most airlines have strict rules that will prevent them from carrying patients who need medical care or supervision enroute. Also, they are restricted in carrying supplemental oxygen and such oxygen equipment needs to be of special aviation standard.

Just the costs of organising the oxygen equipment and returning it to its supplier upon reaching your destination can exceed the cost of a medical charter flight!

unusual flying routes

Unusual Routes

Perhaps the patient is not on an airline route or the airline aircraft are small in size and cannot accommodate a passenger who needs to recline? Aero medical flights are the perfect solution.

medical flight equipment

Specialist Medical Equipment Onboard

Medical charter flights are equipped with specialist medical equipment and staff who are skilled in their use. You can feel confident that your private flight will be discreet, minimise stress and meet your medical needs.

medical charter staff

Medical Staff Onboard

Do you need to have nurses or doctors onboard? With aeromedical, you can ensure medical staff are present for the duration of your journey if required.

Another benefit with a medical charter flight is that you can take staff and family with you without incurring extra costs.

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