Chartering a Plane – What? Where? How? 


A charter plane means that you are renting a private plane and pilot for your itinerary and schedule.

You will be renting the whole aircraft for the duration of the trip. This means it’s a private flight dedicated to you.

Private jet hire can be for a variety of reason. We frequently have requests for business air charters,  FIFO chartered flights, freight and equipment charters, medical private planes, scenic private flights, pet jets and more.

The charter cost will be for the entire private plane and will include its return to home base – regardless of whether you travel in both directions.

The cost of the plane charter can be divided by the number of passengers for a per passenger (pax) cost.


Charter planes can and do operate from almost any airfield. Their home base tends to be near areas of large populations but having said that – there are many operators in regional, rural and even remote areas.

Wherever you need to go, a charter plane can get you there as long as there is an airfield or decent airstrip nearby.

Finding a private plane charter operator is as easy as a web search. However, using a charter plane broker can save you a lot of time & hassle.


You can either approach a plane charter operator directly and enquire about their specific aircraft fleet or you can use a Broker like us who have access to all operators and the entire charter fleet.

Your Flight Manager at has access to thousands of aircraft and we know where to find them. This means that we can find you the right private plane, at the right time for the right cost. This is supplied as a service to you without extra cost. If we bring a charter job to an Operator we then receive a discounted price from them for finding and managing the customer (you).

Our dedicated Flight Managers sole task is to understand you, your needs and to find you the best service that takes care of all those details. You can have confidence that you have made a good decision with safety, reliability and value in mind when you choose

Learn more about the aircrafts we use for private air charter.

How Much Do Private Jets Cost?

Plane charter / private jet costs are determined by many different variables and we will help you work it out.

The main factors that affect private jet hire prices are:

  1. The return trip distance between departure & destination
  2. The number of passengers which determines the size of the charter plane
  3. What is the desired comfort level? Economy, Business or First Class?
  4. Is it a same day return or are there some overnight stays?

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