Private Jet Cost

When arranging a private jet, whether it be for business or leisure, one of the first questions asked is ‘how much do private jets cost?’. There are many factors that influence the private jet cost, including the distance/duration, number of passengers, aircraft type and more. We have outlined a detailed list below to provide some general context of pricing and also give an indication of some of the questions we might ask you to make sure we can get you the best option. We always keep your requirements vs the private plane costs in mind, ensuring you get excellent value for money.

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How much does a private jet cost?

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Charter flight costs are determined by a combination of the following factors:

  • The cost of fuel.
  • The number of pilots and crew needed for the private plane charter.
  • The distance flown and route taken.
  • The size of the plane & number of passengers.
  • The type of private plane; small prop up to big private jet.
  • Aircraft availability (where is the plane based)?
  • Is it a once only trip or perhaps part of a regular contract?
  • Type of plane used for private flights (class of travel; economy, business or first class)
  • Is it same day return or is there one or more overnight stays required?
  • Demand for chartered flights (sometimes we need to use a different class or size of plane)
passengers on private plane
business man on chartered flight

The private plane cost is for the return trip as the plane always returns to its home base.

Also keep in mind the private jet cost is for the entire aircraft, regardless of how many seats are filled. Therefore, to get the per head cost, simply divide the total charter flight cost by the number of passengers.

In business, the phrases ‘time is money’ often rings true and there are many benefits to travelling with maximum efficiency. With a private jet hire, there is never any waiting in airports, check-in delays and there is flexibility with the schedule. As the industry becomes more and more affordable, private jet costs can work out very competitively if travelling with a team. You may wish to take additional team members if there are any empty seats to maximise the value.

Private Aircraft Charter Costs

Aircraft Class250km each way500km each way1,000km each way2,000km each way
5-10 seats
5-10 seats
5-10 seats
5-10 seats
Business$3,500 - $5,500
5-10 seats
$7,000 - $11,000
5-10 seats
$14,000 - $22,00
5-10 seats
$28,000 - $44,000
5-10 seats
up to 16 seats
up to 16 seats
up to 16 seats
up to 16 seats
* Indicative costs to charter a private aircraft based on a same day return and for 8 passengers.
* Note that helicopter pricing is different.
* Use these prices as a guide to determining your budget and affordability. All costs will be confirmed via a formal quote.

How much is a private jet to rent? How far is it from…?

To rent a jet, distance is a key factor in estimating the cost. Please use the following maps to estimate the distance each way for your trip. This will help you to get a rough idea of your private jet flight cost.

private plane charter sydney
private plane charter melbourne
private plane charter brisbane
private plane charter darwin
private plane charter perth
private plane charter adelaide
private plane charter hobart
private plane charter alice springs

Learn more about the types of private planes available here. How to book a private jet? Please contact us directly for an estimate of your private flight cost.

Are private jets hard to book?

Many people don’t know where to start, as there are so many private charter options. Contacting individual operators is time consuming, especially if you are not sure what kind of aircraft you will need. Do you need a small prop or a big private jet? We can help you work out which aircraft is the most appropriate for your needs.

With access to Australia wide fleets of all sizes, and our 40+ years of experience in the industry ensure we’ll be able to match you with the right aircraft, in the most cost efficient way for you.

We’ll do the work for you, making your next private flight a breeze. Hiring a private jet has never been easier or more affordable! We also have access to several luxury private jets – contact us to learn more.

Want to share a flight with another traveller headed o the same destination? Pop your details onto our group for private jet share – learn more here.

Our customers are so satisfied with our services we have received many (many many!) glowing reviews over the years. Read our private jet reviews here.

What is the cost to book a seat on a private jet?

When renting a private jet, you are hiring the entire aircraft for your journey. It is not possible to pay for a seat only, however you can calculate the ‘seat’ price by understanding the total private jet cost. For example, let’s say you are renting a King Air aircraft and your route has a total private jet cost of $12,600. If you filled all 9 seats, you are looking at $1,400 pp. This figure is helpful to compare the cost of flying commercial (economy, business or first class). In some cases, a private jet can be more cost effective when filling all seats.

It is sometimes possible to share a private jet with another customer. We have done this occasionally for pet owners who have the same route. Please contact us to learn more.

Empty leg flights

Empty leg flights are when a private jet has one leg of the journey without passengers. As an aircraft always returns to its ‘home’ base, we can occasionally offer private jet costs in such a situation at a heavily reduced rate. Learn more about private jet empty leg flights and see upcoming availability..

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