Flight Charter Frequently Asked Questions

What is a chartered flight?
Or, what does charter flight mean? It is the private hire of an aircraft by an individual or corporation on commercial terms. The aircraft and flight are operated to commercial standards.
Can you arrange international charter flights?
Yes. We can arrange a private flight between any two locations around the world.
What is the maximum number of passengers I can book?
Approximately 450 passengers. That would mean we need to use a Airbus A380.
What are your cancellation fees?
Please click here to view our current Terms and Conditions.
What luggage items are prohibited on private flights?
All the usual items that you would expect on a regular commercial flight such as dangerous goods, firearms and other weapons.
Can you arrange for medical staff on medical flights?
Yes, we can. Please contact us to speak to one of our Flight Managers on 1800 OUR FLIGHT.
Are there restrictions on where I can travel within Australia?
As long as there is a suitable airfield or helicopter landing site then we can operate to it.
Can I bring a pet on a private flight?
Absolutely. We arrange flights for pets all the time. Learn more about pet flights (pet jets).
Why should I work with FlightCharter.com.au instead of chartering a flight myself?
The advantages of working with a Flight Manager from FlightCharter.com.au are in the extensive hands-on experience and knowledge we have arranging charter flights in Australia, our in depth understanding of current industry trends and the relationships we have established with local vendors and charter operators nationwide.

With FlightCharter.com.au you can rest assured you have the right aircraft and the right price for your needs hassle-free every time.

I don’t know much about airplanes and it all seems very technical and confusing. How do I work out what I need?
There are indeed a lot of technical details to consider but you don’t need to worry about understanding it all. Our Flight Managers are aviation experts and they will take the time to understand what you need and then translate into the right aircraft at the right time for the right cost.

Our flight managers will take into consideration your budget, the dates and times you wish to travel and the flight type that suits your individual needs (see our Flight Types here) in order to organise the best possible private flight for you.

How do I know that the aircraft and pilot are safe?
We only work with aircraft operators who are accredited with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority of Australia (CASA) and hold an Aircraft Charter Operator certification.

All pilots have a Commercial Pilot’s License (CPL) as a minimum and it would be not unusual if your pilot also held an Airline Transport Pilots License (ATPL).

Depending on your flight and aircraft there may be 2 pilots in the crew.

All aircraft are maintained to very high standards which are overseen by CASA.

All aircraft will have at least 2 engines unless your trip is by day only when it is possible that a single engine plane may be used. If the plane has a single engine it will most likely be a turboprop or jet engine which have excellent reliability and safety records.

How much does a chartered flight cost?
One of the first questions everyone asks is how much does a charter flight cost? Each chartered flight will be calculated based on the size of aircraft used (number of passengers and luggage), how fast it flies (your time requirements) and the distance of the journey.

Your Flight Manager can provide you with a most economical option; a faster and more luxurious option and also the top of the range. Think of it as Economy, Business Class and First Class. Just let your Flight Manager know your preferences and budget and they will work out the best options.

We invite you to use our free online quote tool for private jet costs or give one of our Flight Managers a call on 1800 OUR FLIGHT.

How many planes and pilots does Flight Charter have and where are they based?
FlightCharter (FlightCharter.com.au) is a Broker and our role is to arrange an aircraft Charter operator who can meet your needs and itinerary. We will pay the aircraft operator for your flight which means that you just need one relationship with us for all your aircraft charter needs.
Do you have access to luxury private jets?
Absolutely. Contact us to discuss your needs in more detail, and here are a few of the luxury private jets we have available.
Can I hire private jet charter by the seat?
Arranging an aircraft charter means you are booking the entire plane for your private trip. Regardless if you are flying solo or at full aircraft capacity, you pay the same rate.

Chartering an aircraft can lead to large savings when travelling with a group – once you divide the airfare among all passengers. Private charter services can be more cost effective than commercial airlines for many situations such as a family or friend group travelling for vacation, a group of employees travelling for a business trip or even a patient accompanied by medical support staff travelling between hospitals/clinics.

Other advantages of flying privately are:

  • The flexibility of travel: your chartered aircraft does not have to adhere to any schedule except yours
  • Access to an extensive aircraft fleet: you’ll always have the right plane chartered for your group’s needs
  • Absence of delays, lengthy security checks and boarding lines typically experienced with commercial airlines
  • Urgency: FlightCharter.com.au can arrange flights within the hour when urgent situations arise.
How much luggage can I bring on a chartered flight?
The amount of luggage you can bring on your chartered flight depends on the aircraft in which you are travelling – even if the aircraft class is the same. The number of bags of each passenger can bring will also depend on how many people are travelling.

For example, on a 6 seat light jet, you may only be allowed to bring one bag/suitcase per person.

It very important that you discuss your group’s luggage needs with your Flight Manager prior to booking your charter.

Do chartered aircraft use the same airports as commercial airlines?
In many cases private plane charters utilise the same airports as commercial airlines worldwide, however; private charters have access to additional airports and airfields that commercial airlines do not service such as those in remote locations or those that are too small for commercial use. When hiring a helicopter charter, even more regions become accessible for landing as they require less space to operate.

These additional airports and airfields allow FlightCharter.com.au much more flexibility when flight planning, which can significantly lower the time you spend in ground transit.

How fast can I book a private charter flight?
If you need to book a last-minute charter, FlightCharter.com.au can help. Our Flight Managers have the resources and expertise to arrange an air charter with as little notice as 1 hour. With access to one of the largest aircraft fleets in Australia, your Flight Manager will find the right aircraft and flight plan suit your budget and individual travel needs.
What do I need to consider before chartering an aircraft?
Before contacting us to arrange your next air charter service, please consider the following as your Flight Manager will require these points of information to provide you with your quote.

  • What are your travel needs and are they flexible? In most cases, the dates you wish to travel will determine your quote. If your schedule allows for flexibility, it is possible that we can access what are called ‘Empty Leg flights’ which are often more cost-effective. These type of chartered flights are also known as deadhead charter flights or private jet deadhead flights.
  • What is your destination and are you flexible with which airport, in the same area, is chosen for the flight? Some destinations have multiple airport options within the same vicinity. If you are able to access ground transportation once you arrive, our Flight Managers may be able to save you more on your flight quote.
  • How many passengers will be flying? Our Flight Managers will need to know the number of passengers travelling in order to select the most cost efficient aircraft to meet your needs.
What is an ‘Empty Leg’ flight?
Empty Leg flights (also known as ‘Deadhead’ flights) are the result of an aircraft being chartered for a round trip flight where one direction will have no passengers. To give incentive to air travellers to purchase an Empty Leg flights, operators will often advertise them at a reduced rate.

Taking advantage of Empty Leg charter flights require a little bit of flexibility as the scheduled flight may not align perfectly with your itinerary and travel requirements.

How safe are private plane charters?
FlightCharter.com.au puts safety first. Every aircraft is operated by an operator licensed by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority of Australia (CASA). All flight crew hold a Commercial Pilot’s License. In many cases, members of the crew will also hold the equivalent qualification of an airline pilot (ATPL – Airline Pilot Transport License).

Flightcharter.com.au only operates with aircraft maintained to commercial standards and ensures all aircraft are permitted to be operated on a charter. If you are travelling at night then the aircraft will have at least 2 engines. So, are charter flights safe? The short answer is yes – but feel free to discuss private jet safety with us further for peace of mind.

What does Repositioning mean?
Repositioning, when referring to air charter, means the act of transporting a plane from one location to another in order to provide service for a requested chartered flight.

This usually occurs when passengers chartering a private aircraft need to fly from a location that does not have a suitable plane or helicopter available thus an aircraft must fly to the departure city to provide service.

If your flight requires repositioning, your charter quote will likely reflect additional costs.