Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t know much about airplanes and it all seems very technical and confusing. How do I work out what I need?
There are indeed a lot of technical details to consider but you don’t need to worry about understanding it all. Our Flight Managers are aviation experts and they will take the time to understand what you need and then translate into the right aircraft at the right time for the right cost.

Our flight managers will take into consideration your budget, the dates and times you wish to travel and the flight type that suits your individual needs (see our Flight Types here) in order to organise the best possible private flight for you.

How do I know that the aircraft and pilot are safe?
We only work with aircraft operators who are accredited with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority of Australia (CASA) and hold a Aircraft Charter Operator certification.

All pilots have a Commercial Pilot’s License (CPL) as a minimum and it would be not unusual if your pilot also held a Airline Transport Pilots License (ATPL).

Depending on your flight and aircraft there may be 2 pilots in the crew.

All aircraft are maintained to very high standards which are overseen by CASA.

All aircraft will have at least 2 engines unless your trip is by day only when it is possible that a single engine plane may be used. If the plane has a single engine it will most likely be a turboprop or jet engine which have excellent reliability and safety records.

How much does a chartered flight cost?
Each chartered flight will be calculated based on the size of aircraft used (number of passengers and luggage), how fast it flies (your time requirements) and the distance of the journey.

Your Flight Manager can provide with a most economical option; a faster and more luxurious option and also the top of the range. Think of it as Economy, Business Class and First Class. Just let your Flight Manager know your preferences and budget and they will work out the best options.

We invite you to use our free online quote tool or give one of our Flight Managers a call on 1800 OUR FLIGHT.

How many planes and pilots does FlightCharter have and where are they based?
FlightCharter ( is a Broker and our role is to arrange a aircraft Charter operator who can meet your needs and itinerary. We will pay the aircraft operator for your flight which means that you just need one relationship with us for all your aircraft charter needs.