Why Australia needs FIFO workers

chartered planes and flight charters for FIFO

Covering an area of over 7.692 million square kilometers, Australia is the world’s sixth largest country by total area.  With our population of just over 24 million sprawled across this massive land space, it’s of no surprise that some of our major industries are completely reliant on Fly In Fly Out (FIFO workers). As such, the availability of chartered planes and flight charters are of great importance.

The mining industry, in particular, is dependent on FIFO workers with some mine sites in Australia having a workforce which is comprised 100% of FIFO workers.

There is more than $260 billion currently invested in mining projects across the country making the industry one of the most important to the Australian economy with Australia being responsible for being the world’s largest exporter of iron ore, alumina, zinc, coal, lead and bauxite.

Due to the remoteness in location of some of the major mine sites, the only way to sustain operations and productivity is to ensure that there is a seamless transition in the coordination and application of transporting employees and contractors to and from the job site.

Without the flexibility of FIFO workers and the availability of FIFO flight charters, these mine sites would not be operational or as profitable as they are today.

However, there is a growing acknowledgement that FIFO workers can experience feelings of disconnection from their home life with many of them working to schedules in the realm of two-three weeks on, one week off.  This is where there is an onus of understanding from the mining companies that their FIFO workers need to have accessibility to transport services such as chartered planes to ensure that their precious time off is spent at home with their loved ones and not on the road trying to get home.

FIFO workers are the reason that Australia has the export industry it does when it comes to minerals, but FIFO workers also play a part in several other industries such as Defence, Agriculture and AeroMedical.

Australia is known as a country that offers opportunity throughout all industries and trades and due to the expanse of the population and resources, some of those opportunities do require travel via chartered planes and a commitment to a change of lifestyle.

Flight Charter has access to one of the largest plane charter fleets in Australia for Fly In Fly Out services.  Our experienced flight management team understand the logistics of coordinating travel for FIFO workers and companies – no matter how remote the location – and guarantee comfort, safety and reliability with every flight charter.

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