How to Choose between a Charter Flight or Commercial Flight for Business

charter flight with a charter jet

What’s best for business: a charter jet or business class on a commercial flight? Our charter flight experts break down both options so you can save time and get down to business. Get a 24/7 quote on your next chartered private jet.

Commercial flights are great if you are by yourself and want to go from one major airport to another. But what about if you have a group and your itinerary takes you to locations not served by the airlines?

By taking a chartered private jet, you create ultimate flexibility with your itinerary. You are in charge – if it has an airport, you can go there!

Time is precious for all of us whether we are traveling for pleasure or business. Take a moment to add up all the time it takes to:

  • Get to the airport (usually at peak times because that is when the airlines says you must depart)
  • Park the car at exorbitant rates
  • Get the shuttle bus to the terminal or walk a mile…
  • Wait to check in
  • Wait to go through security
  • Wait to board the aircraft
  • Fight for the overhead locker space above your seat
  • Wait for everyone to be seated
  • Wait while the plane taxis to what feels like the furthest point in the airfield
  • Upon arriving, wait to get off the aircraft
  • Wait to get your luggage

With a chartered private jet you get to:

  • Decide what time you want to leave
  • Leave from a smaller airport where parking is either free or cheap
  • Walk straight onto the plane…
    • No check in
    • No baggage check in
    • No security
    • No waiting at the gate
  • Decide which airport you land at. Usually this is the closest one to your point of interest.
  • Decide where to stop over along the way – if that is what you want.
  • Upon arrival walk off the plane, retrieve your luggage and be on your way.

Privacy and security of your colleagues and conversations can often be important too. Who is looking over your shoulder as you type that email? Who is listening to your conversation without you knowing? Flying commercially can often compromise those seeking privacy and discretion. Charter jets are discreet and offer full privacy for passengers.

Multi stop itineraries are almost impossible when flying commercially. If your travel plans take to you more than one location or if that location is not a major airport then flying privately using your own charter aircraft can provide you with the flexibility to get things done.

What about travelling with a group? Each seat on a commercial flight costs money whereas each seat shares the cost with a charter jet. The more passengers you take on a charter flight means the average cost per passenger comes down.

Ever missed your commercial flight? Ever rushed to the airport because the meeting ran over? Ever left a meeting earlier than desired just to make the airlines’ schedule? The consequences are often inconvenient and expensive. Cancellation fees. Change in fare fees. Waiting for the next available seat on a flight.

By taking a chartered private jet you can amend the itinerary and schedule simply by talking with your crew or Flight Manager.