How Much Do Business Charter Flights Cost? A Detailed Breakdown

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Understanding the cost of business charter flights is crucial for companies considering this mode of travel for their executives. The expenses involved in chartering a private aircraft can vary significantly based on several factors. This article provides an in-depth analysis of these costs, offering a clear financial picture for businesses.

Business charter flights have become a popular choice for Australian companies aiming to streamline travel, enhance productivity, and provide comfort for their executives. Unlike commercial flights, charter services offer flexibility, privacy, and a higher standard of service. This detailed breakdown will explore the various components contributing to the business charter flights cost, helping you understand what to expect financially.

The Key Factors Influencing Business Charter Flights Cost

Flight Duration

One of the most significant factors affecting the cost of business charter flights is the duration of the flight. Charter companies typically charge by the hour, with rates varying based on the type of aircraft. Shorter flights are less expensive, while long-haul trips can accumulate substantial costs. For instance, a domestic flight from Sydney to Melbourne might cost significantly less than an international journey from Sydney to Singapore.

Aircraft Type

The type of aircraft chosen plays a pivotal role in determining the overall cost. Light jets, midsize jets, and large jets each have different pricing structures. Light jets and turboprops are more suitable for short trips and smaller groups. Midsize jets offer more space and range, making them ideal for medium-distance travel. Large jets provide high levels of comfort and are equipped for long-haul flights.

Additional Services and Amenities

Business charter flights often include various additional services that can add to the cost. These services might encompass in-flight catering, ground transportation, and special requests such as extra luggage capacity. While these extras enhance the travel experience, they also contribute to the overall expense.

Airport Fees and Landing Charges

When chartering a flight, it’s essential to consider the airport fees and landing charges that apply. These costs can vary depending on the airport’s location and the services provided. Major airports with extensive facilities often have higher fees than smaller regional airports. For example, landing fees at Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport are higher compared to those at regional airports like Ballina Byron Gateway Airport. Additionally, some airports charge extra for peak time operations.

Crew Costs

The cost of the flight crew, including pilots and flight attendants, is another critical component. This includes their salaries, accommodation, and any additional expenses incurred during the trip. High-demand periods and long-haul flights may require multiple crews, further increasing the costs.

Fuel Prices

Fuel prices fluctuate and can significantly impact the cost of a business charter flight. The type of aircraft and the distance travelled determine the amount of fuel required. 


Cost Breakdown by Aircraft Type

Light Jets

Light jets are ideal for short trips and can accommodate up to five passengers. The hourly rate for a light jet typically ranges from AUD 2,000 to AUD 3,500. Examples of popular light jets include the Cessna Citation Mustang and the Embraer Phenom 100.

Small Jets

Small jets cater for 5-7 passengers and shorter trips of 1-2 hours. They can land at almost all regional airports. The hourly rate for small jets typically ranges from $xxx to $xxxx. Popular examples include Cessna Citation CJ, CJ1 and CJ2.

Midsize Jets

Midsize jets offer more space and can carry seven to nine passengers. They are suitable for medium-haul flights and come with additional amenities. The hourly rate for a midsize jet usually falls between AUD 3,500 and AUD 5,500. Examples include the Phenom 300E and the Citation CJ2.

Large Jets

Large jets provide a high level of comfort for longer haul flights, accommodating up to 16 passengers. Large jets are used for international routes to North America and Europe.The hourly rate for a large jet ranges from AUD 5,500 to AUD 11,000. Notable models include the Gulfstream G550 and the Bombardier Global 6000.

Additional Costs to Consider

Empty Leg Flights

An empty leg flight occurs when a chartered aircraft flies without passengers, typically to return to its base or to pick up new passengers at a different location. Booking an empty leg flight can offer significant savings, often up to 75% off the regular charter price. However, these flights have fixed schedules and limited availability.

Peak Season and High Demand

During peak travel seasons and high-demand periods, the cost of charter flights can increase. This is due to higher demand for aircraft, limited availability, and increased operational costs. Planning and booking in advance can help mitigate these additional charges.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average cost of a business charter flight in Australia?

The average cost varies widely depending on the factors discussed. However, a typical short-haul flight on a light jet might cost between AUD 8,000 and AUD 15,000, while a long-haul flight on a large jet can exceed AUD 150,000.

Are there any hidden fees associated with business charter flights?

Most reputable charter companies provide transparent pricing, evenso, it’s essential to clarify any potential hidden fees. These could include fuel surcharges, additional crew costs, and airport fees not included in the initial quote.

Can I customise my business charter flight?

Yes, many charter companies offer customisation options for their flights, including bespoke catering, tailored itineraries, and specific in-flight amenities. 

How far in advance should I book a business charter flight?

Booking as early as possible is advisable, especially during peak travel times. Early booking ensures aircraft availability and can help secure better rates.

What are the benefits of using a jet card or membership program?

Jet cards and membership programs offer fixed hourly rates and additional perks such as priority boarding and concierge services. They are ideal for frequent flyers looking for convenience and cost predictability.


The cost of business charter flights in Australia is influenced by various factors, including flight duration, aircraft type, additional services, and operational fees. Understanding these components can help businesses make informed decisions when considering charter services. While the expenses can be substantial, the benefits of flexibility, privacy, and enhanced productivity often outweigh the costs for many companies.

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