What is a Business Charter or Corporate Charter Flight?

Chartering an aircraft or private jet for any sort of business or corporate need can work out to be very efficient and cost effective. It can provide many corporate benefits and advantages that are not possible when using an airline service. With your own private aircraft you can get to your business destination on time and according to your schedule.

air charter flexibility


Running late due to traffic? Not a big problem. Need to push back departure by an hour because the meeting is running over? Can do. No need to re-book onto the next flight and incur all the costs and hassles – just liaise with your crew and make new arrangements.

economy air charter


Whether it is just you or you bring the whole team – the cost is the same. Subsidise the cost by bringing support staff. We have an extensive fleet available, from small jets through to large airbuses so you can rest assured we can get everyone there and on time.

air charter itinerary


If it has an airport, we can take you there. Airlines don’t always fly to where you want to go. Avoid the hassle, time and expense of arranging rental cars to get you to your final destination. Reach harder to access regions with private helicopter hire for business.

air charter speed and convenience

Speed and Convenience

When travelling using a business charter flight, you do not have the same lengthy security and check in processes that you do with a commercial airline. This can save many hours on a trip and helps improve efficiency and reduce the stress associated with travelling.

air charter certainty


Airlines will cancel flights for a variety of reasons and often without notice. Your private business flight will never be cancelled for the convenience of the operator.

air charter safety


Every aircraft is operated by an operator licensed by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority of Australia (CASA). All flight crew hold a Commercial Pilot’s License. In many cases, members of the crew will also hold the equivalent qualification of an airline pilot (ATPL – Airline Pilot Transport License).

Flightcharter.com.au only operates with aircraft maintained to commercial standards and ensures all aircraft are permitted to be operated on a charter. If you are travelling at night then the aircraft will have at least 2 engines.

air charter certainty


Airlines have many commercial pressures to manage in addition to factors outside of their control such as Air Traffic Control. In most cases, your Charter aircraft will be operating independently of these factors which results in a very high level of reliability of schedule.

air charter certainty


How many times have you bumped into someone you know at the airport? Sometimes in business it is better to keep a low profile and chartering your own aircraft can provide you a level of discretion that is hard to achieve with an airline.

tna bus hire transportation

Ground Transport

We can assist you in arranging ground transportation if you require. For bus hire services please contact us.


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