Covid Safe & Easy Air Charter

At Flight Charter, we have experienced a large increase in enquiries for private air charter during Covid19. Many people are concerned about using commercial airlines for health safety reasons. But also, commercial flights are being cancelled at short notice and refunds can be hard to get, if not impossible!

At Flight Charter, you can already get a Covid Safe private flight. We are now extending that to include Covid charter flights which are also ‘Covid Easy’.

Being Covid Easy means that if you book an aircraft charter with Flight Charter and you have no option but to cancel because of a change in border control regulations and private jet covid restrictions, then Flight Charter will waive the normal cancellation fees and offer you the choice of a full refund or a no penalty postponement.

This means that you can book a private plane with us in confidence and know that you have the best health protection available in the air as well the comfort of knowing that you can recover your costs if you cannot travel.

Our Covid Easy guarantee is applicable to all types of air charter – whether you require business jets, domestic flights for pets, aeromedical, luxury private jets and more.

So if you are worried about cancellation fees, you can stress less with our Covid Easy guarantee for air charter.

The benefits of private charter flights cannot be matched by commercial airlines. Convenience, flexibility, speed, security and access to any route are the hallmarks of charter.

How can a private Flight Charter help you manage Covid 19?

  • Avoid busy airports and most importantly.. people!
  • Cabin environments are closely managed by cleaning & disinfecting.
  • Boarding is controlled via private facilities.
  • You control who else is on the plane.
  • Fly to and from most airports directly, not via a hub which saves time.
  • Dedicated aircraft to suit your needs.
  • No cramped seating (distance).
  • Convenience of schedule; you can be late or early and it usually is not a problem.
  • Minimise wait times during boarding and disembarkation.
  • Flexibility of itinerary; you decide your departure times.
  • The ability to make last-minute changes without ad hoc penalties or fees.
  • Whether you need to travel for business or leisure, FlightCharter will get you on a Covid Safe & Easy plane, at the right time, for the right price.

Contact us today to plan your next trip via air charter and learn more about private jet prices.