Covid Charter Flights – Demand Spike for Plane Charter & Private Jet Hire

COVID-19 update – Demand spike for plane charter & private jet hire

When an outbreak strikes, it’s natural to be wary of hopping on a plane. Crowded airports, cramped seating and coughing passengers… Since the non-stop media coverage of the coronavirus outbreak began, we’ve seen a huge increase in demand for Covid charter flights – ie plane charter and private jet hire.

Many corporations have imposed bans on domestic air travel using airlines. However, travel via private flight remains a viable alternative. This is because of the total control and management over the private plane’s environment that can be implemented.

As the response from authorities become more restrictive, we have seen a massive increase in plane charter enquiries. Can we help to get where you need to be during the coronavirus chaos?

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However, beware of the hustlers…
Regrettably, we have seen some messages from industry competitors seeking to promote themselves by creating fear, uncertainty and doubt about brokers and operators gouging prices in these times of high demand for Covid charter flights. As a national broker with access to the entire fleet, we are finding the exact opposite to be true. Most companies are trying very hard to be responsive and to work with their clients to create the best possible solutions. Consequently, we recommend the plane charter industry to anyone looking for an alternative form of air transport.

Our message is simple. You can mitigate your risk of being exposed to COVID-19 during travel with a private flight from

How can plane charter or private jet hire support you during COVID-19?
• Avoid busy airports and most importantly.. people!
• Cabin environments are managed via extra deep cleaning & disinfecting
• Boarding is controlled via the use of private facilities
• You control who else is on the aircraft
• Fly to and from most airports directly, not via a hub
• Dedicated aircraft to suit your needs
• No cramped seating
• Convenience of schedule
• Minimise wait times during boarding and disembarkation
• Flexibility of itinerary
• Ability to make last-minute changes

We have also seen a sharp increase in the number of pet flights we are arranging, as lockdowns and state closures leave pets stranded.

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You can find more information on how we calculate the private jet cost here.

Fly safely.