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Experiencing Kalgoorlie

Kalgoorlie is a popular destination for charter flights. Also known as Kalgoorlie-Boulder, this is the largest city in the Australian Outback and a significant hub of the Western Australian Goldfields. The popular tourist destination is just an hour away by private jet or about a day’s drive from Perth. The city has wild beginnings as a gold rush town and eventually transformed into a bustling cosmopolitan twin city with a one-of-a-kind character. There is nowhere else in the country quite like Kalgoorlie. Its main street (Hannan Street), for example, is awash with glorious buildings. They clearly bear testament to the wealth that has been generated from the past. Contact us today to discuss your private jet hire needs and get a charter flight quote.

Top Travel Destinations in Kalgoorlie

Kalgoorlie has plenty of places to see and the locals are more than happy to show you the sights. Here is a quick look at some of Kalgoorlie’s must-visit travel destinations:

  • Eyre Bird Observatory: The Eyre Bird Observatory is established by Birds Australia in 1977. It was founded as a remote research station that collects data about birds and wildlife. Named after the explorer, John Eyre, Birds Australia aims to create a brighter future for Australia’s birds. They happen to be the nation’s largest bird conservation organisation.
  • Museum of the Goldfields: The museum is a wonderful place that displays the city’s mining heritage and the rich history of the Eastern Goldfields. Visitors will be able to discover the unique role the town played in Western Australia’s development, both its place at the edge of the Nullarbor Plain and as a centre of mining. There large displays of the State’s collection of gold nuggets and bars, and you can even see how prospectors searched for this precious metal in the past. It is indeed an eye-opener for individuals who are new to gold mining.
  • Karlkurla Bushland Park: The park comprises of 200 hectares of regrowth bushland and offers a plethora of activities in a natural setting. Visitors have the opportunity to check out the wildlife lookout or take a walk along the tracks. You will be able to further explore the area where birdlife and animals abound. To make the most of your time here, do not hesitate to opt for the interpretive walk trail, which shares plenty of information about the diverse species of flora and fauna.
  • Hannans North Tourist Mine: The Hainault mine was opened to visitors by an enthusiastic group of locals in 1972. Since it started in the early days of Kalgoorlie’s gold rush (it still continues today!), you will be able learn about the history of the mineshaft at Hannans North and how it evolved into a tourist mine. The Hainault shaft was recently closed but remembered for its showcases of underground mining activities on Kalgoorlie’s famous Golden Mile.
  • Western Australian Museum: Home to a wide range of Western Australia’s cultural and scientific collections, the Western Australian Museum is the State’s premier cultural organisation. For more than a century, the WA museum has making the state’s social and natural heritage more accessible to the public via engaging public programs, exhibitions, and research.

Luxury Accommodation in Kalgoorlie

The popular goldmining town not only offers attractions that are suitable for all ages. It is also home to many wonderful accommodations that offer a pleasant stay. You may wish to consider staying at one of the options below after your chartered flight:

  • ibis Styles Kalgoorlie
  • Quest Yelverton Kalgoorlie
  • Rydges Kalgoorlie Resort & Spa
  • The View on Hannans Kalgoorlie
  • Best Western Hospitality Inn Kalgoorlie
  • Discovery Parks Kalgoorlie

Airports in Kalgoorlie for Private Jet Charter

If you are travelling to Kalgoorlie via private jet, here are some of the nearest airports that can be used:

  • Port Hedland International Airport: The airport serves Port Hedland, WA. It is approximately 9.3 km south-east of Port Hedland and 11km from South Hedland. Owned by the Town of Port Hedland Council, Port Hedland International Airport is an important airport for passengers who work in the mining industry. The airport currently has two chipseal runways that are designated in the 14/32 and 18/36 direction.
  • Adelaide Airport: As the principal airport of Adelaide, the airport is located approximately 6km west of the city-centre. It is the fifth busiest airport in Australia and is operated by Adelaide Airport Limited. The airport is constructed 6m above mean sea level, and features a single terminal and two asphalt runways designated in the 05/23 and 12/30 direction.
  • Darwin International Airport: Operated by Darwin International Airport Pty Ltd, this is the tenth busiest airport in Australia. Located in the Northern Territory’s northern suburbs, Darwin International Airport has a cargo terminal, domestic terminal, and an international terminal. It has the ability to service nearly 1.8 million passengers and over 26,000 flights per year. It currently has two asphalt runways that are designated in the 11/29 and 18/36 direction.
  • Perth Airport: Perth Airport is both an international and domestic airport. It houses one minor terminal and four main terminals. It has an annual record of serving nearly 14 million passengers and more than 135,000 flights. There are two asphalt runways in the airport and they are designated in the 03/21 and 06/24 direction.
  • Melbourne Airport: Informally known as Tullamarine Airport, this is the primary airport serving the city. As the second busiest airport in Australia, Melbourne Airport can service more than 33 million passengers per year. Regional and domestic aircraft services are facilitated at Terminal 1 while international flights out of Melbourne happen at Terminal 2. The airport features two asphalt runways that are designated in the 09/27 and 16/34 direction.

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