The Benefits of an Air Charter Flight

Private flights and jet charters are arranged on an on-demand basis. There are no air charter schedules and each aircraft type is different. That means that every quote will be different too. Understanding the benefits of using a charter flight will mean that you can make a well-informed decision about your air charter quote.

The Schedule is Yours

You depart when you want and you return when you want. You write the schedule.
Do you want to be home the same night? We can arrange a jet charter that makes that happen

Flexibility is Key

Running late? No problem. The plane and pilot are yours for the duration and so we’ll wait for you.

Running early? Again, no stress. As soon as you are onboard we will get underway.


Need to stop off somewhere along the way? We can do that.

Is time important to you? Of course it is! With a charter flight, you simply arrive at the departure meeting point and board the aircraft. 20 minutes is about all it takes.

Discretion and Privacy

If you need to ensure privacy then you have the confidence to know that the only people on board are your people!


You can keep your mobile devices on during the flight. On most air charters, you should be able to pick up a mobile phone signal and so be connected via your data plan.

Travel in Style

Sometimes you may just want the experience of a high-end VIP aircraft. That’s OK.

Get Home On The Same Day

Combining the flexibility, speed and convenience of a charter flight means that you can achieve a whole lot in a single day and still be home that same night!

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