How To Arrange a Charter Flight


Private Air Charter Flights are a flexible and convenient way to travel. They remove the delays incurred by airport check-in procedures, security and boarding gate procedures. In addition, they can take you to destinations not served by commercial airlines and all on your own schedule.


At first, arranging a charter flight seems to be complicated. The are no published schedules and literally hundreds of different charter operators to choose from. How does someone not experienced with private aircraft charter know how to work out who to use and if the proposed flight is safe and good value?


Unless you know who to contact directly for the flight then using a broker makes a lot of sense. Brokers have existing relationships with the charter Operators and are themselves experienced in aviation. This means that they can help you work out the most appropriate solution for your requirements. As well, by working with a broker that you trust you can confidence that the price will be fair & reasonable.

How To

When you first make contact with either an Operator or Broker they will ask you a series of questions to help them devise a good air charter flight solution for you. You will need to have information about:

  • The departure point and destination?
  • Do you need to stop anywhere along the way?
  • What will be the departure time?
  • How long do you need to stay at the destination?
  • How many passengers will be travelling?
  • What class of aircraft do you want to fly in?
    • breaks this down into simple terms that everyone can
    • understand:
      • Economy = best value, basic comfort level & minimal catering, travel speed 270km/h
      • Business = high level of comfort, basic to VIP catering, travel speed 600km/h
      • Jet = high to VIP comfort; basic to VIP catering, travel speed up to 800km/h
      • Helicopter = versatile takeoff and landing points; basic comfort; travel speed 200km/h
  • What are your budget expectations?
    • Many folks are surprised when they receive a quote and it is important to understand the benefits of a charter flight.
    • Flying via a private aircraft charter is not the same as a discount airline between two major airports.
    • Average costs for a flight charter are:
      • Helicopter $6 / km
      • Economy $4 / km
      • Business $4 / km
      • Jet $4 – $12 / km

Keep In Mind

A note about the pricing of a charter flight: the price always includes the aircraft returning to the point of departure. This is so it can be positioned for the next job and this means that there isn’t really a one-way price for private charter flights.

The good news though is that the price is for the whole plane and it makes sense to ensure all the seats are occupied so that the per head cost is minimised.


Using a private aircraft charter for your next flight can make a lot of sense. It is different from flying commercially and so the process of making the booking is also different. Knowing how the process works can help you when seeking a quote. Using an experienced and reputable broker like can save you a lot of time and often leads to arranging the best air charter flight!