Helicopter Tours & Helicopter Hire

helicopter tours and helicopter hire

Taking a helicopter tour in Australia is one of the most fascinating and luxurious ways to explore the island continent with its jewels of beauty. Discover secluded parts of the country, inaccessible by land, or admire the cityscape of any Australian metropolis – you can be assured that the expansive views will be simply phenomenal. Plus, helicopter hire is more affordable than ever. Before hiring a helicopter, it will be worthwhile to know a few tips so that you can make the most of this fantastic opportunity.

Get A Price Comparison

Before finalizing your booking, make a comparison online, and choose the one that ideally fits your requirement as well as budget. Legit companies always have tailored package with great discount offers. The demand may be high during the holiday seasons, but the quality of ride is totally worth the money you pay.

At FlightCharter.com.au we aim to provide Australians with the right helicopter tour to suit their budget and their schedule. We have pre-designed scenic flight packages available AND offer helicopter charter services to destinations Australia-wide – get a free quote online or give us a call at 1800 OUR FLIGHT.

Choose A Company With A Good Track Record

A certified company will always have the necessary license and certifications to carry out helicopter tours as a part of tourist activities. The company should be subject to higher standards than their aviation counterparts, and the pilot should have enough safe flying hours under their belt. It may sound a little awkward to ask that question directly, but when your safety is concerned, you need to do your homework. You can also do extra research in figuring out some recent aviation accidents, and make sure to clarify the cause. There is nothing scary about it, but precaution is better than cure.

When you book with FlightCharter.com.au our Flight Managers will answer any and all questions you may have about licensing, crew experience and any other safety information regarding your chartered aircraft whether it be a helicopter, private jet or airbus. Your safety is our priority.

Choose Right Time For Flying

Timing and weather conditions are two of the most important things to take note of, if you plan to hire a helicopter. Early morning is definitely not a good time, since visibility is low. Late morning or early afternoon should be your preference, given the vibrant colours of the sun, and limited shadows. Helicopter charter flights in the afternoon can be perfect to take a ride along stretches of coastline.

Know Your Seating Position Beforehand

If you want to experience some breathtaking views on a helicopter ride, it is imperative to know where you are being seated. Generally, there are six passengers, excluding the pilot, and in some cases, there are four. In a 6-passenger aircraft, 4 people are seated at the back and 2 in front. Those in the middle and the back may not be able to enjoy the views as much as the ones in front, particularly because of limited sight. Consider yourself lucky if you get one of the seats in the front!

Some operators also offer flight tours with the doors off. It is an amazing lifetime experience for those who love exhilarating stuff. Having control on the seating arrangement is in the hands of the company, and weight is also one of the factors in deciding whether you will be seated in front or back.  If you are flying over an island, request for a seat on the right side, since most of the helicopters fly clockwise around the island.

Take A Ride In Early Part Of Your Trip

Don’t wait till the end of your holiday trip to experience a helicopter tour. Try to fly as early as possible, so that you get a good perspective of the landscape, before you explore it by water or land. The panoramic views of the geographical locations is a pleasant sight to watch. Planning your helicopter hire early in your trip also allows time for rescheduling if needed due to weather. 

Pay Heed To Safety Instructions

In the excitement of taking a helicopter flight tour, most of the people ignore safety instructions given just before the take-off. Even though you may not need to apply it on board, it’s always a good option to be on the safe side. Don’t be shy to clear your doubts with the pilot or the operator. They will answer all your questions to make you comfortable.

Carefully Choose What You Wear For The Day

One should make a careful selection of what they are going to wear on the flight tour day. Girls should avoid wearing earrings, as they will be putting on the headphones. If you are flying with the doors open, avoid any loose accessories that can easily blow out. Wear a warm coat or a jacket, as it can get very cold out there in the clouds, especially near lush places and greenery.

Handling A Camera And Taking Photos

No tour is complete without capturing memories out of it. One should wear clothes in a darker shade, in order to minimize the effect of glazing windows. One should have a strong neck strap for the camera, especially if you are flying without the doors. Nobody would enjoy their expensive camera bumping out of their hands and falling all the way down. Set a high shutter speed to capture things clearly. However, make sure your entire tour is not revolving around photos, with you behind the lens all the time.

Don’t miss the real experience by trying to get that perfect shot. Take one here and there, but let your eyes witness the reality. You can only soak up the true feeling, when you put down the camera.

Take Prior Medication For Motion Sickness

If you are someone who catches motion sickness very easily, it is advisable to take some medications before your helicopter tour. In case that makes you drowsy, consider using one of the other methods like sea bands. Generally, in most of the cases, scenic helicopter rides are quite smooth, except on some days when the windy weather can give you a bumpy ride.

Select The Right Places To Tour

Last but not the least, only selected places in Australia can be best enjoyed from the helicopter. It is very important to plan your itinerary; something that you are paying a good price for. If you are hopping across different destinations, you should know which ones are worth exploring. Rest of them you can explore by sea or land. With so many options at hand, it will be tricky for you to decipher, which Australian spots are the best to be viewed from the top.

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