Helicopter Charter: 8 Reasons to Hire a Helicopter

hiring a helicopter for a private flight

In the past, it was only the rich and famous who had the opportunity to experience the convenience and luxury of private flights by hiring a helicopter. However, with the high proliferation of these services and the substantially reduced costs owing to stiff competition, helicopter charter is becoming demystified and being readily available to people from all walks of life.

Have you ever thought of taking a chartered flight to your favourite travel destination? If not, there are innumerable reasons why you should put it down on your to-do list today and start making plans to achieve that goal. Helicopter charters have so many uses that will amaze you.


Sightseeing Excursions / Scenic Flights

One of the most outstanding facets of helicopter flight is the fact that they fly much lower than the ordinary aeroplane. Additionally, they are usually fitted with huge windows allowing for a panoramic view. These two factors combined make it the ideal form of travel for sight-seers to enjoy spectacular aerial views of various attractions below them from a bird’s perspective. You will be able to take aerial photos or even record unforgettable videos all from the comfort of your seat and with the best perspective imaginable.

At FlightCharter.com.au we now have Scenic Flight & Tourism Packages available for booking to some of Australia’s most iconic tourist destinations. Experience having your own private aircraft as you take in the natural and man-made wonders of this amazing country. We have several packages with helicopter tours available.

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Reach Otherwise Inaccessible Places

Helicopters are innately designed for vertical lift-off, unlike ordinary planes that need a runway to build up torque and momentum. This aspect of their design makes it possible for them to reach secluded locations that man would never have had the opportunity to visit.

Some of the world’s best attractions are tucked away far into an inaccessible jungle or perched high up on an impossible cliff. Only accessible by private flights, they provide the ideal settings for a romantic getaway or an unforgettable honeymoon. Do not shy off from the experience imagining it to be unattainable. Embrace the challenge and start planning early for that special holiday far away from the concrete jungle.

A Special Treat For Someone Dear

Chartering a helicopter for someone you deeply care about could just be the perfect gift for a special occasion. For many, it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that they will deeply cherish and forever remember. The sound of rotors turning overhead, the distinct feeling of vertical take-off and the one-on-one experience you will have communicating with the pilot over headsets are all remarkable memories to make.

To Make A Grand Entrance

There are times in life when you need to close a high stakes business deal or make the ultimate first impression on a prospective client. Such times call for drastic measures to ensure that you secure the much-coveted prize by all means.

It may just be that all your client needs is some convincing evidence that you truly can handle their hard-earned cash and that you deserve the opportunity more than all other competitors. When the stakes are this high you cannot leave anything to chance and risk losing out on the deal. Why not show up in style and wipe off any trace of lingering doubt from the client’s mind?

A wedding helicopter is also a great way to make an entrance. Guests waiting for the bridal party to arrive will be blown away with this unexpected surprise entrance. Hiring a helicopter for your wedding may be more cost effective than you’d think, get in touch to discuss your requirements. 

Aerial Filming

At times, a chartered flight is an indispensable tool used for aerial cinematography. When one gets a one-off assignment to shoot a documentary or record a feature film, it makes total sense to work with a flight charter company that will offer reasonable rates and top-notch service to ensure you complete the task.

The aerial perspective as well as distance that can be covered in shooting a film from above is comparable to none and will ensure high quality footage and include some delicate details that could have been missed while working on solid ground.

When Time Is Money

Traffic congestion has become a constant feature of everyday life. It is so commonplace that it has come to be expected and accepted as another unavoidable inconvenience. But does it always have to be so? What happens when traffic stands between you and the lucrative opportunity of your dreams?

The simple answer would be to find a way to circumvent the traffic by using the least congested route, air. Many high end hotels and resorts these days are built complete with a helipad for times like these. When you make a proper cost-benefit analysis, it might well be worth the trouble to charter a helicopter to get to the meeting in good time and seize the moment.

Medical Ambulance

Sometimes, a medical emergency can warrant the use of helicopter charter in order to evacuate someone who is in need of medical attention in another region or country. By using helicopter charter services, it is one of the fastest ways to transport that patient to receive medical treatment at an intended destination. When the helicopter is used for medical transport purposes, medical equipment that have life-saving purposes can be arranged to be situated onboard too.

A Personalized Travel Experience

Human beings are by nature wired to want to get things done a certain way. But our lives end up being an endless string of compromises to accommodate the desires, tastes and preferences of those around us. But once in a while, it will do you some good if you had the opportunity to have things done just the way you want them done. Helicopter charters provide just the ideal opportunity to enjoy this kind of experience. For that special occasion every once in a while, forget about standing in line to check in for your flight, forget about having to share your space with complete strangers and enjoy every last moment of a tailor-made travel experience.

So are you travelling for business or pleasure? Would you like to enjoy the sight-seeing excursion of your dreams? Would you like to treat the love of your life to the ultimate honeymoon experience? No matter what your reasons are for travel this season, you have every right to enjoy nothing but the best tailor-made travel experience. Just choose your destination and select the most reliable helicopter charter company in Australia to enjoy a convenient helicopter charter experience!