7 Travel Hacks to Make Your Next Business Trip a Breeze

travel hacks from the jet charter experts

Do you travel frequently for business? Our top 7 business travel hacks list is a must read! From packing tips to navigating security, our jet charter experts are here to help.

Have a ‘grab and go’ carry on bag at the ready

Save yourself some time by having a pre-packed carry on bag that can be zipped up and out the door with minimal effort. Include all the essentials – a photocopy of your passport (also email yourself a copy), phone charging cable, portable battery pack, noise cancelling headphones, universal power point adapter, journal, mini toiletries, painkillers, band aids, travel pillow, earplugs, sleep mask, warm socks, zip lock bags and a few pens for customs forms. Don’t forget a couple of granola bars or  bag of trail mix to keep the energy up.

Pack a good book

Fight against the urge to work work work your way through the flight and read a book for inspiration instead. We love ‘Grit’ by Angela Duckworth, ‘Thinking, Fast and Slow’ by Daniel Kahneman and ‘Outliers’ by Malcolm Gladwell. Prefer a podcast? Try downloading a few episodes in advance such as the ‘Freakonomics’ radio series, ‘TED’ talks or ‘Choiceology’ with Katy Milkman.

Packing cubes are a life changer

If you must take hold luggage, invest in some packing cubes. Power cords and cables will never be tangled in a sea of clothes again. If order and organisation are your vibe you will love these, trust us. Using a lightweight case is also a must and don’t forget to pack your heaviest items at the wheels end. Bonus points to use a case with a colour other than black, making it easier to spot and reduce the chance of it accidentally being mistaken as belonging to another passenger.

Throw a change of clothes into your carry on

Just in case your luggage gets lost, pack a spare set of clothes in your carry on so you’ll be fresh and ready to attack the next day. We recommend packing a reasonably smart outift so you if you have a meeting the next day you will fit right in.

Tag your bags

Most cases have a transparent plastic window built in. Throw in your business card and write your flight number and destination on the back. Make sure you remove all other luggage tags from the case to avoid any confusion.

Breeze through security

As you approach the multiple security lines, keep your eyes peeled for your kind. Business travellers are well versed with security protocols and etiquette and won’t be caught out with laptops still in cases, taking off belts etc. Avoid queues with babies / young families and perhaps wear a slip on shoe in case you need to whip them off to be scanned.

Consider private jet charter / use a broker

In business, the phrases ‘time is money’ often rings true and there are many benefits to travelling with maximum efficiency. With jet charter, there is never any waiting in airports, check-in delays and there is flexibility with the schedule. As the industry becomes more and more affordable, jet charter can work out very competitively if travelling with a team. When using a broker such as FlightCharter, you have access to an Australia wide fleet of private planes. We’ll do the work for you to make sure the booking process is easy and stress free for you. Even with tight turn around deadlines!

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