5 Undeniable Reasons Why Private Jet Charter Beats Flying First Class

private jet charter

December 27th 2018

For many travellers, first class is the epitome of comfortable airline travel. Many first class tickets guarantee you valuable legroom, comfortable seating and a more intriguing menu to satiate your appetite while you travel. Throw in the warm towels and other creature comforts and travelling first class becomes even more appealing. However, with a private jet charter, you can take things up a notch and enjoy the very best air travel has to offer. Private flight charters are more than just an extremely comfortable way to travel around the country, in practical terms, they can be more beneficial than flying first class with commercial airlines. Private charter flights win over flying first class every time for a variety of reasons.

Continue reading to learn why private flight charters are always a step above flying first class.

Private Jet Price

Taking a chartered flight is typically more expensive than flying first class, however, this depends on a number of different factors. Because flyers are hiring the entire plane and not just a seat, having more in your group can reduce the fare for each person. For shorter flights, private jet charter can work out to be less expensive than travelling first class commercially.

Due to the variety of factors that contribute to the total cost of hiring a private aircraft, such as distance, number of passengers, number of stops and luggage space, there is more flexibility for charter companies to tailor your flight to your individual needs and budget.

Convenient and Timely

Chartered flights are a more convenient way to travel. First of all, when travelling you don’t have to worry about being bumped from your flight or having to deal with connecting flights. Second, travellers don’t have to put up with the hassles of getting to the airport extra early to stand in line and check in their baggage. In terms of time alone, flying via chartered jet is a much more efficient way to reach your destination when compared with standard first class travel.

When you rent a private jet, you and your travel companions are the only important passengers. This means that all hold-ups and itinerary changes that often arise on commercial flights to accommodate other passengers are eliminated, ensuring a quick and easy journey to your destination.


With first class air travel, passengers can enjoy more comforts than what they will get with an economy ticket. However, on a private flight charter, travellers have the opportunity to customise the different add-ons and extras available such as meals, refreshments and whether pets can fly with you in the cabin. Ultimately a private plane charter allows you to tailor your trip to your requirements since you are leasing the entire aircraft solely for your use.

Privacy and Discretion

First class cabin space is great for those who need room to work. Unfortunately, even in first class quiet and privacy can be hard to come by as you have no control over the other passengers. A chartered flight can deliver both a quiet environment and complete privacy as you and your travelling companions will have the entire aircraft to yourselves. Travelling privately allows confidential meetings to take place without the intrusions that often come with being in a public space.

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Travelling by private jet offers extremely busy travellers the flexibility of flying when it suits them. Compared to first-class travel where the flight is booked ahead of time, a private jet charter can be reserved at a moment’s notice, which is a huge advantage when travelling in poor weather. Commercial airlines sometimes are delayed until weather conditions are considered safe for travel, causing delays and occasionally cancellations. When you rent a private jet, you have more control and flexibility over when they fly.

Private Jet Versus First Class Travel

private jet charter

There’s no denying that both private air travel and first class tickets guarantee comforts far beyond those of standard commercial flights. However, a chartered flight gives you the convenience of faster travel and allows you more control over some of the amenities you get while en route. With a larger group, a private jet charter can even work out to be cheaper than travelling first class. When all is said and done, flying with a private charter company is head and shoulders above any other travel experience and is the best choice for those looking for comfort, flexibility, reliability and privacy.

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