Our race to beat the cyclone!

Earlier in the year, North Queensland was on cyclone alert with Tropical Cyclone Iris threatening to cause a mass of destruction across several regions.  With the 2017 fallout of Cyclone Debbie still relatively fresh in everyone’s minds, many residents were not going to take any chances of being either trapped in a dangerous situation or unable to get home.

A private boarding school in Ingham reached out to FlightCharter.com to arrange the departure of their students back to their home towns preempting the possibility that the students could be stuck at the school throughout the holidays if the Cyclone did hit as hard as was initially forecast.

There were 10 flights scheduled all leaving from Ingham and flying to several areas throughout North Queensland and the Northern Territory to destinations such as Townsville, Cairns, Goulburn Island, Pormpuraaw and Darwin all of which used the private plane charter services of Cessna 208’s which could seat up to 12 passengers.

A King Air charter was used to transport one student from Ingham to Mornington Island due to the distance travelled.

Our experienced team at FligthCharter.com worked with the school masters to coordinate flight paths and schedules to ensure all students were delivered safely home in a timely and efficient manner.

Through the skillful flying of our experienced pilots and the careful scheduling coordinated by our team on the ground, every student made it home for the holidays safely and is a testament to what our FlightCharter.com services are capable of delivering.

If you would like more information on our private plane charter services throughout North Queensland or any other remote locations, please contact our FlightCharter.com. reservations team.