Business Flight Charter and Private Jet Hire vs Flying First-Class

Flight charter vs first class - private jet hire

Many successful business people place a strong emphasis on travelling luxuriously while maintaining their privacy. For air travel, there are two common ways of attaining this kind of privacy and class. The first option is booking business flight charter and the second is flying first class on a commercial plane. If you are considering private jet hire, read on to learn more about the pros and cons and why private jet charter offers more. Get your 24/7 private jet charter quote now.


Any time you want to fly, one of the first things you will want to look at is your convenience, as time is money in the business world. A business flight charter does not feature the normal delays that a commercial flight will have. Yes, first class is better than the economy class of any commercial plane but as a first class ticket holder, you would still have to queue for the custom checks or wait until the plane is full for you to take off.

On the other hand, when you are flying privately, since you and your colleagues would be boarding from a private airstrip, the hustles of checking in and boarding the plan are cut short. All you would have to do is show up, board the plane, sit back and relax to reach your destination in a timely manner.


If you are someone who likes exclusivity, then the flight charter is for you. One of the perks of private jet hire is that you can have the peace of mind during air travel, arriving at your destination refreshed. On a commercial flight, space is shared and that may not be entirely suitable for your liking.

There may be less passengers in first class but that won’t remove from the fact that your privacy has to be shared with strangers. For business people who like to have confidential discussions before arriving at their destination, private jet charter gives you the privacy to discuss en route to your destination as opposed to having a meeting in the first-class of a commercial plane (which we are pretty sure it won’t be allowed). Even allowed, there could be eavesdroppers and other disruptions, so this could potentially hinder the progress of the discussion.


Most commercial planes are plagued by delays, either caused by weather, the proverbial mechanical let downs or technical difficulties as you know all too well. However, with a chartered flight, you and your colleagues are assured of travelling to and from your destinations in an extremely reliable way. Because they cater to high-paying customers, charter flight companies have to ensure that their planes are in pristine condition at all times and that their workforce is reliable.


A first-class seat on a commercial flight ensures that you travel without being cramped or go through the pain of having to share your space with many other individuals. It also gives you the perks of having a bit of comfort than those seats in economy class. However, all this pales in comparison to having your own personal crew that will cater to every whim and desire you have planned out for the time you are in the air.

The interior of the plane is the first taste of opulence you will have. The second rewarding factor is that the refreshments are made to your liking by a team of professional chefs. So you can enjoy your travel as you sip on champagne and enjoy lobster or whatever cravings you have en route to your meeting.


As a company, buying a flight ticket on a commercial plane in first class for an individual can be cost effective. However, if a number of people are being financed by your company to travel to a particular area then perhaps the most prudent thing to do is private jet hire. The price of the private jet charter is not per person, so it may work out cheaper than paying for each staff member in first class. At the back of your mind will be the knowledge that the price of will be worth the time saved in going for the business deals that you are going to close. What’s more, the competition today in the private jet hire industry is heating up, so prices have to be highly competitive too. As the customer, this means that you can enjoy much cheaper rates for your private flights.

Speed And Flexibility

More important, business flight charter has an edge over first-class because it is flexible. You can charter a flight any time of the day without waiting to see which available flights are there. With a commercial flight, the plane has to follow a timetable set by the aviation authority and this can be a hindrance in terms of flexibility.

Since most charter planes are smaller than commercial planes, they are bound to reach their destinations faster than their heavier counterparts. These smaller planes can be fitted with faster engines which will then translate to better speed. For people that hold high positions of influence in the country or the influential businessmen, time is money. This makes speed a good thing especially in the air where the traffic isn’t as high especially in the local and regional airspace.

Business charter flights belong to a league of their own in terms of convenience and flexibility. This is reason enough to persuaded to charter a business flight because in the long run, it makes good business sense to have a flight that is ready to go when you are as opposed to having to wait for a flight that will be delayed due to technical difficulties.

By now, you should have a clear understanding of what business flight charter can do for you as an individual or business and how it will make cross-region travel easier. If you truly want to justify the cost of booking private jet rental, check out our prices today because we offer some of the best rates for private jet hire in Australia.