Reap the Rewards: 5 Industries that can Benefit from Private Jet Rental

private jet rental

December 11th 2018

When most people think about private jet rental, images of very wealthy passengers relaxing in some of the most comfortable and roomy seats imaginable spring to mind. During the flight, the crew are busy serving an assortment of refreshments while passengers close big business deals or party en route from one luxury destination to the next. This may have been the case in the past, but today, private jet flights are becoming more and more affordable – no longer reserved for the rich and famous.

However, as it becomes less expensive to travel, private plane charters are becoming a more popular way of getting around. As it stands, sports and entertainment personalities, in addition to well-heeled business people, commonly use private jets to avoid the lines and other aggravations that are a common part of commercial airline travel. In the last number of years, the advantages of private flights are being realised by more and more industries as they see how private air travel can benefit their business.

Let’s take a look at just some of the industries that will benefit most from private jet or larger aircraft rental.

Fly-In, Fly-Out (FIFO)

FIFO industries, such as the mining sector, are one group that can benefit from utilising private flights. For those workers who need to fly into a location for a few weeks, or months, and then return home for respite make having a chartered FIFO program in place both an efficient and economical solution. As this method of work becomes more popular in Australia, private chartered flights will be at the helm of providing workers with fast, convenient travel to and from their work destinations.

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Currently, travel agencies employ private jet flights when booking passage for clients who wish to avoid commercial airlines or who need to access remote locations. More and more people who go on holiday are flying privately because charter flight companies go above and beyond to provide superior comfort, privacy and an overall first-class travel experience. Whether travelling to remote national parks or seaside hotspots, the tourism industry will continue to benefit from the accessibility private jet flights provide when compared to commercial operators.

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As the popularity of private jet rental continues to rise and becomes more accessible, more people can now afford to take advantage of this service. For the hospitality industry, this means more business for hotels and restaurants with some hotels collaborating with charter companies to create package deals for travellers. Ultimately, these types of collaborations have the potential to change the face of the hospitality industry in the not too distant future.


While seemingly unrelated, the retail industry has, and definitely will, benefit from having products shipped to their location in a timely manner. In an era when the consumer has more purchasing power, catering to their needs is of the utmost importance for charter companies. Jet charter services have increasingly aided retail stores with a means of getting products to customers quicker than ever before.


The healthcare industry has benefited greatly from private air travel. In recent years, a few companies have surfaced to meet the demand for chartered flights solely dedicated to medical emergencies. These international companies transport people to destinations around the world in emergency and non-emergency situations. In essence, flight charter companies have stepped in to provide a very useful tool in modern-day healthcare.

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Modern Benefits of Private Travel

Once a luxury for the extremely wealthy, private jet rental has become a staple of many industries. With advances in technology and creative innovation, charter companies are continually realising more markets that could benefit from private flight services. FIFO, tourism, retail, hospitality and healthcare will undoubtedly carve out a new identity and direction for the chartered flight industry. With time, more industries will follow in their footsteps as the flexibility and dependability of private plane charters become increasingly important to businesses in a range of different industries.

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