Empty Leg flights (also known as ‘Deadhead’ flights or ‘Ferry’ flights) are the result of a round trip chartered flight with no passengers in one direction. To incentivise air travellers to purchase an empty leg flight, operators often advertise at a discount.

When getting a quote, the private plane cost is for the return trip as the plane always returns to its home base.

Also keep in mind the private jet cost is for the entire aircraft, regardless of how many seats are filled. Therefore, to get the per head cost, simply divide the total charter flight cost by the number of passengers.

Sometimes, one leg of the flight is empty and this is why empty leg flights are given at a discounted rate.

If you are feeling spontaneous and want to make the most of a private jet cost that is cheaper than usual, get in touch! Our team will be able to check if there are any charter flights hat have a return leg unfilled.

View our upcoming empty leg flights Australia and please get in touch if any routes are suitable for you.

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