Why flying private plane charter is good for business

business man on chartered flight

Time is money when it comes to travelling for business which is why you want to get to your destination fast, efficiently and in comfort.  Aside from being more comfortable, there are several advantages for choosing to travel via a private plane charter as opposed to a commercial airline.

Here are the top five reasons why flying private charter is good for business:

  1. No waiting at airports: When travelling for business, it’s about getting to the destination and not wasting your valuable time waiting around for hours at the airport for check-in with hundreds of other passengers.  Arrive at the airport, check-in at your own private desk and you’re out on the tarmac and fastening your seat belt before you know it.
  2. Efficiency: There is nothing worse than scheduling an appointment or arranging a day trip for a conference and having flights delayed or worse still, cancelled.  By choosing a private plane charter, this concern does not exist as you know that your flight and pilot will be checked and ready to fly at the scheduled time. Then all you have to worry about is packing your phone and computer. 
  3. Work-ability: Working on the go is always a bit of a juggling act and test on keeping your focus amidst nearby distractions.  When flying on a private plane charter you can be assured of privacy and having your own space, whether that is for catching up on emails, preparing presentations or perhaps you are wanting to use your journey to catch up on some much needed shut-eye.  Alternatively, if you are travelling with a collegue, you have the option of having an un-iterupted conversation or brief each other about the work ahead. Whatever your preference, you can be assured your time travelling will be productive and without distraction.
  4. Comfort: How much more refreshed and alert will you feel after stepping off a private plane charter where you have just experienced a journey of pure comfort.  No unwanted interruptions by other passengers or staff – unless requested – and as much room and personal space as you can wish for giving you the opportunity to hit the ground running and head straight to that meeting with a clear mind.
  5. Flexibility: At FlightCharter.com we understand that sometimes unavoidable delays or changes in schedules do happen which is why we pride ourselves on working with our clients when there are changes required to ensure your time is spent in the most productive way possible and not waiting around airports or hotels because of missed flights.

If you would like any more information about our corporate and business charter flights, please contact our FlightCharter.com head office who can assist you with your enquiry.