Charter Flight Safety

Private Charter Flight

There are many advantages to opting for private chartered flights such as travelling in comfort and having space and privacy to relax while en route to your destination. Chartered flights are also a convenient way to skip the hassles of long airport lines, checking in baggage, flight delays and rescheduling that are often associated with commercial flights. But what about charter flights and safety? 

One of the major misconceptions of chartered flights is that they are unsafe. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Charter flight companies must meet the same safety guidelines as commercial airlines and often take further steps to ensure the safety of their passengers. As smaller operators, their reputation is always on the line and it is crucial that they maintain their reputation as a safe alternative to commercial airline travel.

Keep reading below to learn why private charter flights are a safe alternative to traditional airline travel.


Today’s private charters are regulated by a number of agencies. Among licences, private charter companies in Australia must have the Air and Operator’s Certificate (AOC) and the Safety Management System (SMS). Additionally, private charters must abide by the regulatory guidelines of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA), which regulates both domestic and international standards and issues the AOC. Finally, pilot, crew, engineers, and other flight personnel have to be licenced as proof of their competency.

Flight Standards

First and foremost, pilots not only have to hold the necessary licencing, in this case, the Airport Transport Pilot Licence, but they also have to have completed the requisite number of flight hours and have the experience to pilot a chartered flight. Furthermore, many of the charter company owners are pilots themselves, so they have the flight experience to charter a flight safely. By the time your pilot is allowed to be in control of the aircraft, they have passed the necessary tests and earned the appropriate license to allow them to safely transport passengers to their destination.

Industry Inspections and Regulations

Chartered flights are almost always inspected and rated by an objective third party. These companies focus on measuring the safety measures of the charter company. Argus International and the Charter Evaluation and Qualification program both rate companies in terms of their safety and because there cannot be any mistakes with air travel, the standards are extremely high and rules are very strict.


Because chartered flights are primarily flown with jets, this allows for more maneuverability in inclement weather. Jets are lighter than your typical commercial airliner, and for this reason, they can move above the clouds during bad weather. Instead of sitting on the tarmac waiting for the weather to get better, your chartered flight can get you safely to your next destination without delay.

The Modern Chartered Flight

Nowadays, chartered flights have many advantages over their commercial counterparts. As well as being a very comfortable and convenient way to travel, a chartered flight is also one of the safest ways to fly. These private charter flights are bound by similar regulatory practices and laws as standard airline travel, and the pilots have to pass rigorous qualifying exams and must have years of experience transporting passengers. Private charters are, without a doubt, one of the most comfortable, convenient and, most importantly, the safest ways to travel.

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