Do you need to flights to or from Brisbane or Dubbo for business or pleasure?

Due to the recent withdrawal of several airlines providing direct flights from Brisbane to Dubbo, there has been an increased demand for private charter flights to accommodate the current void on the popular travel route. has access to a large fleet of aircraft available for private charter whom can provide same-day return flights or staggered flights depending on your requirements and can be tailored to suit your individual needs.

Air charter involves renting the whole plane for a round trip and depending on the aircraft, can typically facilitate passenger seating in the quantities of  4, 8, 10 or 15 seats.

Passengers who need to travel between Brisbane and Dubbo and require the convenience of a direct flight, are now seeking alternative methods of air transport away from the major and regional airlines. 

A key advantage of chartering a private plane or helicopter is that you can nominate your own departure and return times and benefit from the convenience of not having to check-in through airport terminals or alternatively, having to stop and change planes to arrive at your destination.

Pricing for Brisbane to Dubbo, or vice versa, is based on the aircraft selected and duration of stay.

Typical prices for same day round trips between Archerfield Airport and Dubbo Airport are (inc of GST):

4 seat aircraft; 2.2 hours each way; $1750 per seat equivalent, for $7,000 total.

8 seat aircraft; 2.2 hours each way;  $918 per seat equivalent, for $7,500 total

8 seat turboprop; 1.4 hours each way; $1,000 per seat equivalent, for $8,000 total

15 seat turboprop; 1.2 hours each way; $933 per seat equivalent, for $14,000 total.

For more information or to book a private charter flight from Dubbo to Brisbane or vice versa, contact our Reservations team today.