Why Is Working With FlightCharter Different?

At FlightCharter we believe that every situation is different and deserves special attention and our best thought. We don’t believe that one size fits all.

We do this by using awesome people to create strong relationships with our customers and our pilots.

As a result we are to deliver fantastic air charter solutions every day of the week.

The Air Charter market is competitive and the common approach is to minimise the time taken talking and dealing with customers (you). This is meant to minimise costs and maximise return.

We don’t believe in that approach. The first thing we do with each new enquiry is pick up the phone and speak to you. We take the time to understand why you are thinking about chartering an aircraft and we help you understand your options.

If you still think air charter is a good option we then use our strong relationships with pilots and aircraft owners to work out the best combination of planes; routes and timings to help you.

From there you get to decide which option suits you and your needs best and that is when we give you a quote. Not at the beginning like many of our competitors do.

Yes, it does take us more time and involves more work but we are OK with that because we know that whatever the solution we help you choose it will be the best it can be.